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Since we are professionals in pressure washing business, we know what it takes to have great customers. We will save you from frustration and time with the services of pressure washing. You do not need to be worried about your choice for our cleaning services. When you are choosing our company, you are sure of getting an insured, professional, and dependable pressure washing company which is committed to producing the required results for our customers.

Our company has the equipment and the knowledge to make your concrete look the best it can look. We provide that deep cleaning solution that is required to uproot the harsh stains and bacteria found in most concrete slabs. Concrete surfaces are very porous and have a tendency to absorb foreign substances very easily. Our Hot Water Pressure washer cleans the surface and pulls most foreign substances right out of the ground. Old gum and stubborn stains are no problem in most cases. Our unit can push 5 gallons of hot water a minute. Bee clean specializes in industrial concrete slabs morning, noon or night so no job is too large for us.

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Bee Clean Pressure Washing Company

We have experience in pressure washing variety of surfaces found around and on residential and commercial premises throughout southeast Texas. If you are in need of a commercial pressure washing, we are having a wash solution tailored to your requirement. We are proud of ourselves since we can handle varieties of pressure washing services ranging from a retail storefront to a 100,000 sq. feet parking lot. If you want pressure washing service and longing for professional results, you should not look any further. Our company is locally owned and owner-operated.

Bee clean Pressure Washing in southeast Texas is the real deal when it comes to residential pressure washing, Our Company has many years of experience in the industry cleaning premises of all shapes and sizes. A professional building wash service requires a company with the proper equipment such as Ryobi pressure washer, Simpson pressure washer, electric pressure washer, gas pressure washer, and Honda pressure washer. A cleaning solution and experience are also required. Our company has everything you may need to renew safely your building exterior with noticeable results.

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From the top down we will clean the exterior of your home, guaranteed fresh and dirt free.


Concrete and pavers do not take long to turn green and make your lawn look aged. We power wash concrete with care.


We use top of the line pressure washing equipment to clean driveways and parking lots in record time.


Remember when you were so proud of that new deck you built? Now it’s time to revive that new look.

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Your business is getting business and that’s great. That means your parking lot is getting tire marks and fluid stains.


Consider pressure washing your fences and shine like a star in your neighborhood. Your property will amaze you!

Quality Isn’t Expensive, it’s Priceless
Our power washing companies are professional and experienced in power washing with commercial grade equipment. We do not offer a side service in pressure washing like some of the competitors. All we do is Pressure washing, therefore, we do it well! Our technicians are experienced, they also have professional grade equipment and in top associations of the pressure washing industry. Everything we accomplish is professional and our results are industry leading. If all you care about is getting the job completed for the cheapest amount possible, we are not the company for you. We believe in the saying “Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”!

We are one of the best house power washing companies in South East Texas. We are experienced in the washing of residential building exteriors made of stucco, brick, metal siding, tilt wall construction, and aggregate. If you are having a neglected and soiled building exterior which should be restored, we are having a wash solution just for you. We also offer mobile pressure washing services. We don’t use pressure washer rental, we are equipped with our own equipment and tools to ensure the job is done to perfection.

We begin the process of estimating the total cost of cleaning by looking at the Google earth address. We will get a rough idea of the linear feet and determine what materials the exterior make up of. After measuring out online the linear feet, we will be able to do an onsite visit to check the surface condition and evaluate the overall scope of the job. Once we have all this information, we will send a formal proposal.

There are many “pressure washing” companies in the Beaumont, TX that do not have the equipment, experience or knowledge to perform building washes. We provide Free Demos for you in order to see the results before you can approve our proposal. Therefore you can realize that we are the real deal when it comes to commercial building washing.

Once our proposal is approved, we will come out and do everything we can to get the best results for you. We utilize wash techniques and special solutions to restore the building exteriors of our customers. We are experienced in cleaning building exteriors and will never be outperformed by any company in Southeast Texas.

Bee clean has become a performance leader in the new era of commercial building maintenance. Our customers include government buildings, professional offices, apartment complexes, churches, restaurants, hotels, schools, banks, laboratories, hospitals, and medical health care facilities. They have very different needs but all of them benefit from the very latest in cleaning technology and service management methods.

Bee clean offers a variety of power washing services for the Southeast Texas community. Serving both commercial and residential accounts within flexible times, overnights included ensuring that the job is completed on time with least impact on your businesses traffic flow or routine.

We trust in being prepared, employing the use of best equipment the market can offer, such as 180 degrees heated pressured treatment. Our goal is punctuality, professional work ethic, customer service, and efficient workflow.

Bee clean proudly service the communities in North Texas with professional power washing services. If you are looking for a highly recommendable, company providing professional services for your business or home, we do free demos for power washing services at your business together with free pressure washing estimates for residential locations. We offer commercial grade washing, using our circular pressure sweeper which is great for commercial power washing. It is also perfect for sidewalks, concrete, and driveways. If you have any flat surface which requires a heated, pressure wash to remove oils, mold, dirt-caked and stains. Please contact us for scheduling and pricing.

Bee clean also offers professional driveway pressure washing for businesses and residents in Southeast Texas. We offer a variety of services for both residents and business locations that include one-time cleanings or as-needed, we also offer price breaks for monthly or quarterly and even semi-annual agreements. Our belief is in straightforward, pricing that is easy to understand for all our customers, without hidden fees or charges.  You can schedule an appointment, get an estimate or just ask general questions, Kindly contact us through our email address.


We appreciate everyone that gives us the opportunity to clean their property. Thanks for all the kind words!

The fastest and kindest service provider we’ve dealt with in a long time.

Donald Hunter

Glad I called David. He’s honest and you can tell they enjoy what they do.

Rachel Hughes
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